Receive a list of well qualified deals for your consideration in the privacy of your own home without any high pressure sales person in front of you.

These winning deals are qualified by the professional members of Quadrapro360. You’ll have the confidence that we won’t post high risk deals, we want to build a relationship with our members to grow their business, retirement nest egg, and live the lifestyle you deserve.

The benefits of being a member of the Investor Edge Match Making Service…

First, get quick access to our vetted well qualified investment opportunities. At this point you may be inclined to act in one of two strategies. Take control of the deal by assignment and offer a flip fee for the creator of this deal, or you may decide to become a principle secure private lender to a qualified candidate seeking money, a partner or something in between, The choice is yours.

Second, you may be a professional house rehabber and need a deal in your area. You also may need some funding to acquire, fix up and then resell your newly found deal.

Third, you may need long term investments that produce Tax-Free and Tax-Deferred income. Our wealth creation tools and techniques can provide the desires you seek.

The possibilities are many, and our commitment to you is to provide the most desirable prospects to you in your email to view in the privacy of your own home without any high pressure sales person in front of you. When your ready you’ll click the My Deal Button and complete the purchase and sales contract in the position that best aligns with your comfort level. That’s it, it’s that simple.

If this sounds too good to be true, then we know how you feel, most of our members felt the same way until they discovered that the Quadrapro360 professionals under promise and over deliver. Our motto on our own projects is on time and on budget, every time! We treat you and your investment with respect and caution, because we want to build a lasting and profitable relationship with our valued members.

You could try to find your own deal on the Multiple Listing Service, or use a Real Estate Agent, or drive all around town looking for the golden egg. But way not let the deals come to you? You have earned this distinction of a disciplined saver and competent investor. Your hard work, sacrifice, and dedication has paid off. Now is the time for you to put your mark on your legacy.

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Investor Edge Match Making Service

6-Month Trial Membership - $49.00 Canadian Dollars


6-Month Trial Membership - $49.00 US Dollars


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1-Year Subscription - $79.00 US Dollars

Do you want to learn how to create winning flipping deals? Do you want to earn insane money in less than 90 days? Would it be ideal for you to follow a proven system to cash in on the hot real estate market? I don’t know why you wouldn’t!

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